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Summer Book Club

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​​​​​​Spanish Immersion



This interactive class is all about Spanish Language! Students will practice their academic Spanish skills through speaking, listening, reading, and making their own book! 

Great summer camp for students 2nd and third grade!
We will begin with an overview of the story and some useful vocabulary.

Our schedule is Monday through Thursday for 1 hour and Friday 2 hours.

Daily will read a story and discuss the fun facts in Spanish. On the last day of our camp  our campers will create their own books and share it at the end of the class! This is a great way to get kids speaking in Spanish.

Class routine from Monday through Friday

* Welcome:

Greet classmates and teacher

* Vocabulary:

Introduction and review of today's vocabulary words

* Reading:

Independent and collaborative reading with teacher support  

* Writing:  Campers will write a paragraph and draw a picture related to the book we read.

* On our last day our campers will create their own books and share it at the end of the class!

Wrap up the class and say our goodbyes with our song!

​*Sign up early! we have limited space .